Terms and Condition

  1. Company will charge extra GSTIN (Only Fright – 5% and Whole Moving 18%).
  2. GSTIN amount can be paid when the final bill is received.
  3. Keep your cash/jewelry in your custody; the company is not responsible.
  4. The company does not accept moving hazardous materials like chemicals, battery acid, and inflammable oils, such as kerosene, gasoline, diesel, petrol, and narcotics.
  5. We do not undertake Electrical, Carpentry, and Plumber jobs; we will provide them based on availability and will be charged extra.
  6. In part loads good 100% payment at the loading point.
  7. In distance shifting 80% of payment is taken before unloading.
  8. The company charges extra if the lift is not working.
  9. If extra items are added to the moving list the company will take additional payment.
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